Friday, December 30, 2016


Rose-Buzz, little buddha

I was sitting with my sweet Rose-Buzz this morning and she  started telling me about "squirreliberation."
(She talks to me telepathically via the InnerNut.)
Here's what she said:

Squirreliberation is the awakening of a human that results from living and interacting with a squirrel. Buzz said that the only true purpose a little squirrel has on our planet is to facilitate people waking up to the "Truth" or "What Is".
Yes, little squirrels plant trees to give us air to breathe, and that is very important!  But get this:  Mama squirrels regularly kick a baby out of the nest because that baby has a cosmic mission: to help enlighten a human being! Wow!

So when a baby squirrel comes into your life, know that it's pure Grace -- it's a Divine call to Self-Realization!

How does this work?
Well, Buzz said that humans tend to get locked up in "thought-ideas" (that are not even real) and so, lose their ability to experience true freedom. Humans easily get caught up in a story of the past or future - and mostly it's a regret or worry.  But squirrels don't pay attention to "thought-ideas".  They only pay attention to whatever is in front of them in the present moment.  They live in the "NOW".  (Just like Eckhart Tolle talks about.)

So when a human has the privilege of raising a baby squirrel to adulthood, the human gets to experience the ever-constant BLISS of that little buddha.  The human finds out that the BLISS is not a result of "doing" anything, but in fact, the BLISS is what we are!  It is simply the BLISS of "being".

So if you feel the heaviness of humanity and want to graduate to the lightness of squirreliberation, 
then take the advice of our late Mr.Nut ~

The Wisdom of SriNut

Monday, September 5, 2016

Eternal Love of Muffinheart

Muffin, Captain of my Heart

One of the hardest things to do is say goodbye to your favorite little coffee buddy.   My sweet boy Muffinheart died in my arms last Tuesday.   I held him and kissed him as he took his last breath.  And I saw clearly that he left his little furry body, but he did not ever really "leave" me.  Since that sad day, my bodhi-squirrel has been communicating many words of wisdom to me.   

Muffin pointed out that in our lives we have many, many relationships...  with men, women, animals, the trees and plants, our work, our passions, etc.  He showed me that when any of these relationships end, 
we experience a kind of death.   But regardless of what ends, "we" are still very present and intact.  
   Everything we can see outside of us comes and goes. 
Muffin explained that who/what we are NEVER comes and goes.  It is ALWAYS here.   
And then he asked me, 
"Do you know what "that" is?  What is it that you are?"
And he answered his own question:
You are LOVE.  We squirrels call it

He continued... "Humans have words for everything which makes it harder for them to accept change.  We squirrels just go from one situation to another, but we never label anything.   For example when you shed tears because I am not sitting with you in the morning time, you label your feelings.  You say you are "sad" or that you are experiencing "grief".  We squirrels don't use such words. 
In fact, we squirrels call everything by the same name. 
We would say what you are feeling is LOVE. 

We are, squirrels and humans alike, part of the ONE SQUIRRELUMINOSITY.  In your words, you would say it is the great Space of Love that pervades absolutely everything.  When our dear teacher Ramana Maharshi was dying, his students said to him, 
"Master, please don't leave us". 
And he replied, "But where would I go?"
You see, there is nowhere to go to... because all is the "space of love". 

The best advice I can give you is to stop describing everything with words and just allow your feelings to come and go.  Just let yourself feel them.  After a beloved one's death, the feelings you have may be very intense, but they will not "kill" you.  I promise.  Actually, if you just embrace what you are feeling you will dissolve into pure love.   And you will experience a most exquisite nectar... the taste of bliss.  And what could be better than that? 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Every little squirrel is a Buddha.

Muffinheart is my little buddha.   
He is always teaching me to: 
Just be calm.
Just be still.
Just Be.
No matter what is going on, 
just remember that YOU are simply the awareness
that is observing what's going on, 
and whatever it is that is going on will eventually pass.
Focus instead on just "being". 

Muffin is the perfect teacher because he radiates 
peace and love.
Here is Muffin's rule that he lives by:

Enjoy more of these quotes from the Heart Gallery!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Squirrelove is ALL

Admiral Nut visiting Muffinheart

Wow.  All I can say is "wow".   After our beloved Commander Nut graduated from his earth-life and went on to become the Admiral of the Galactic Fleet...    there have been numerous sightings of this ubiquitous squirrel-sage!

Here you can see him visiting our own Capt. Muffinheart.
How do I know it's Mr.Nut??  That's easy.  I start taking photos of the sunset (or sunrise) and I will see the magenta orbs.  Then I will ask Mr.Nut to allow himself to "be seen" and the green-blue orb appears. This has happened over and over again!  Amazing!

You can also get a glimpse of him in the video below.  On this particular day, I had forgotten to close the front door when I went shopping for produce, and when I came home, there was a squirrel running around my living room.  At first I thought it was Pucy Pie or Nutkin, but when I checked, they were napping in the kitchen.  As I walked back into the living room, this friendly squirrel jumped on my leg and I realized it was Miss Rosie Posie!  So I grabbed my camera and began to make a video. The thought occurred to me that Admiral Nut had prompted her to come inside and just as I mentioned this, his orb appeared!  See for yourself!

So you see that even though Mr.Nut's body is no longer a physical form, he is still very present with us!  That's proof that Squirrelove NEVER dies! In fact, if you just let yourself rest in the essence of Squirrelove, you will discover that that is what we really ARE! 

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Every Squirrel is a Miracle

Commander Nut of the Galactic Federation

Have you ever contemplated what a miracle it is to receive an orphaned baby squirrel?  Every step of the way...from the moment a person finds the baby, contacts people to find out what to do, all the way to the time a rehabber receives the little one and ends up being the "squirrel-mom"?  It's truly an amazing chain of events to be a part of.

Loving baby Pucy Pie

Every step of the way is Grace... and it's happening all the time!  WOW!  And those little squirrels, so innocent and sweet, are just bundles of pure LOVE. To be gifted with one of these is a huge blessing!

But do we always recognize our blessings?  Just in our daily routine... do we actually take in the preciousness of each moment?  If we did, we would be walking around in a state of even constant Gratitude! Another name for this is Awakening! I believe that the little squirrels come into peoples' lives to "wake them up"! They teach us that there is nothing but LOVE... and even more than that! They show us that we ARE the love that we are looking for!

Listen to this song and feel how it feels to be awake to that truth...   that all is LOVE!

And here is another version done by the Troubadours of Divine Bliss... so so beautiful!  And I love that they included a squirrel in this video!  
YES! Everything is HOLY!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Squirrel Gazing Meditation

Muffinheart demonstrates "Gazing Meditation"

One of the most powerful practices I have found to facilitate an experience of Cosmic Love was taught to me by my little squirrel buddy, Muffinheart.  He is a Master of this particular sadhana and teaches it in three very simple steps.

1. Put aside all other distractions and just be present with your squirrel.

2. Now just relax and gaze into her/his eyes as s/he gazes into yours.  Remember that you are relating from "emptiness to emptiness".

3. Continue just being empty and gazing in a relaxed manner. Suddenly you will notice that the emptiness is completely filled with Squirrelove! So simple!


Wisdom quote of Sri Nut Ji

Muffin explained to me that when you are gazing at your squirrel, the truth is that there is actually nobody gazing.  Pure consciousness is looking through your eyes and it's looking through your squirrel's eyes.  Consciousness is looking through everyone's eyes at itself!  WOW!  So what happens is that since the entire Cosmos is completely permeated with juicy squirrel happiness (a.k.a. Cosmic Love), and nature abhors a vacuum, then immediately comes the experience of Cosmic Love!  
There is no 'where' that it is NOT!  
And there is no 'one' that is not included!
Well, of course!
Every squirrel knows this!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Deep in a Squirrel's Heart

the Heart of Muffin

If you can be totally quiet while gazing into the eyes of a little squirrel, you can step into the radiant tranquility of his precious heart.

There, deep in that warm and vibrant womb,
you will find:
no tension
no "otherness"
no cleverness.

 You will find only tranquility, contentment and humility.

A squirrel's heart holds no self-importance.
Therefore kindness and humility radiate to the wise and foolish alike.  His gentle demeanor pulls you to him like a love magnet.
And then you find yourself irrevocably and helplessly
surrendered at his feet.

This is the great mystery of squirrelove.
Mr.Nut beaming love

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Traveling the Higher Dimensions

Where do squirrels go when they meditate?  You know 
when you look in their eyes and they are looking straight 
at you, but seem to be "somewhere else"?  
Are they awake? What's going on?

Mr.Nut in meditation

Mr.Nut tells me that he does a lot of work on the higher dimensions. He will lay in front of my altar and stare at the lit candles... and then he just seems to go somewhere else. He tells me that he is traveling through the ethers, balancing the energies on our earth. Commander Nut works with the angels, ascended masters, ET's and other light beings to assist with the transformation of consciousness that is occurring on our planet!  He wants you to know that whenever you feel suddenly sleepy, that you should stop and rest because you are being asked to participate in this shift.  When you are asleep, your higher self can assist these Galactic beings of light unencumbered! So please do allow yourself to take a "time out'. 
Commander Nut on a mission

Mr.Nut says that during the day we humans get involved in many tasks that really have nothing to do with supporting our true essence.  In this life, Mr.Nut has decided that he would not be involved in the mundane squirrel tasks of nut-burying.  He has committed this life to work on the higher dimensions to help human beings grasp their true essence which is pure COMPASSION.

He encourages us to meditate and do some self
inquiry.  He asks you to ask the questions: "Who am
I without my thoughts?"  and "Who is this one that is 
aware?"   And then just stop and listen. Don't give 
these questions to your mind.... let them rest in your
heart and let the heart answer in its own time.
And then you will see your magnificence!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Infinite Cuteness

Muffin in the morning.

This morning, I was asking Muffin how it could be possible that each day he shows up cuter than the day before.  And on any given day he is the cutest he has ever been! And he told me that's because a squirrel's "cuteness" is infinite!  He said that the Shining One made squirrels for the express purpose of teaching humans what "infinite LOVE" means.

Muffin said that humans have a hard time understanding infinity. For example, humans tend to believe they can only really love one person, one animal, and if this 'special' being dies, then they feel abandoned and suffer.  Muffin said that squirrels don't have the same view.  Squirrels know that there is no end to squirrelove... no end to squirrel cuteness... no end to life.  Squirrels know that love is infinite and so when they run into the street and get hit by a car, they don't even know they got hit.  They keep running but we just don't see this.  When a mama squirrel loses a baby that fell out of the nest, she doesn't suffer.  She knows that she has exactly as many babies as she is supposed to have.  The One Heart is taking care of everything and everyone and there are no mistakes.

Rosie getting a squirrel kiss from her baby.

Muffin said that is why every squirrel is the most beautiful squirrel you have ever seen.  And this is true of every squirrel!  IT's because squirrel beauty is infinite!  There is no end to it!  If you just contemplate this in your meditation,  you will soon realize this Truth!  Just gaze into the eyes of a little squirrel and receive the experience of the Infinite!


Monday, June 9, 2014

Just let go!

Little squirrel demonstrates "letting go".

Letting go is easier said than done!  In March I signed up for a silent retreat with my Beloved Mooji in Portugal.  Since the event was scheduled for the end of May, I figured I'd have plenty of time to release two squirrels before I had to get on the plane! 
Little did I know....

I started releasing  Rosie Posie (approx. 7 months old) at the very beginning of April. First she spent a couple of weeks inside her cage which was now outside next to the front door.  Then once her cage was opened, she went exploring.  Usually,  after about a week or two, the new squirrel on the block finds a place to build their own nest and starts to sleep there. 

 But this is not what happened with Rosie!
Rosie did spend a few nights away, but she would always show up the next evening and want to come inside!  Rosie has a sweet cubby hole in the house that she just loves to hide in.  Plus I think she really has grown fond of the 4-star treatment... ie. great food, free massage, clean bedding, and lots of mama's love!

Rosie in her cubby!

The other little squirrel for whom it was time to offer freedom was Muffin... aka Muffington Stinky Poops-a-lot (for fun!).
Muffin, a bit older, had been detained from release last fall due to some teeth issues. His teeth needed trimming and had to be checked again 6 weeks later. We had to make sure his teeth aligned properly so he could trim them himself! 
Once this was certain, he was free to go... but not in winter! So the next opportunity was in spring... alongside Rosie!

Muffin spent a lot of time in the big outdoor cage.  Mr.Nut had first dibs on the cage in the early morning and Muffin went outside in the afternoons and evening.  In the beginning, Muffin seemed to always be hiding.... 

You mean I have to leave here?

Day by day Muffin got more used to the outdoor sounds and activities and started acting like he wanted to test his wings.
On three consecutive days, his door was opened, and he started to explore the area just around his cage.  Then finally on the fourth day, he made it to the roof! Wow! What a surprise that was! Muffin could see all around and could run far and free!  Muffin's favorite part of being free was hanging out in the trees!


Happiness is hanging out in a real tree!

Now I think if there were no other squirrels in the neighborhood, Muffin would have done just fine outdoors. However, it turns out that Muffin had no clue on how to interact with the neighborhood squirrels.  So much so, that on two separate occasions he got into fights with them!
Poor Muffin! His first injury was a gash to his left shoulder. At least he came home and could recuperate in the big cage. On the second try, he came back 48 hours later with a sizable scratch from his eye to his nose... (which is now healed into a triangular scar).  It just wasn't looking good for a safe release for the the Muffin man!

Scarface Muffin!

Finally the departure date was a day away! It would be easy for someone to squirrel-sit Mr.Nut... but three squirrels was asking a lot  So it was decided that Muffin would be confined to the big cage outside, Mr.Nut would remain in the house, and Rosie would be kept inside her cage until she made it clear to my sitter that she absolutely had to be released!

Then on the last day, as I was putting food out for Muffin, he ran up my leg and out of the cage! It happened so fast and although I tried to grab him, he was gone!  OMG!
At this point, I had no choice but to let go of the outcome!

Then I realized that they had all got their wishes! Mr.Nut wanted to be in the outdoor cage, Muffin wanted to be free, and Rosie wanted to stay close to home.

On the morning of my flight, Rosie approached me to go outside like she always does, but this time I closed her in her cage.  I felt so bad having to do this, but knew that my sitter would not be able to handle Rosie running all over, coming in and out!  All I could do was let go and pray that they would all be watched over while I was away!  And if he released her, then it was what was supposed to happen.

Mr.Nut keeping watch.

I had truly exhausted myself from the worry over my squirrels and reluctantly had to leave town not knowing how it would all turn out.  If Rosie was released, while I was away, would I ever see her again? And if she was kept in her cage for 8 days, certainly she would flee upon my return!  And Muffin.. would he be able to survive on his own?  My mind was going crazy! Thank goodness the retreat was all about quieting the mind and resting in Silence.  I had to remind myself of my Master's words: 

So I put my squirrels in the lap of God and trusted their physical care to my dear squirrel-sitter.  I boarded the plane without looking back.

The retreat proved to be an oasis of peace and rejuvenation. Being in the Presence of Sri Mooji and listening to his daily satsangs erased all my thoughts. His guided meditations were so expansive that nothing remained but empty space.  So sublime. No words can describe meeting Mooji.  He is the most unconditionally loving being I have ever met.  His gaze erases years of conditioning and his embrace simply melts your heart!
All that's left is gratitude!

Finally, upon my return home, I was delighted to find out that Muffin had worn himself out and willingly let my sitter bring him back inside.  Rosie was so happy to see me, that even though I let her go the next morning, she was back home that very afternoon!  And Mr.Nut took advantage of the massages I offered him... and had several.   LOL. 

"Mind offers you a life with death at the end of it.
But the Heart offers you life without end.


If you choose Heart, 
then you become Heart.
When you become Heart,
mind will also become Heart.
But you must make the first move."