Thursday, August 11, 2011

Uncontrived Openness

Just like the uncontrived frolicking of a little squirrel,
the benefit of open intelligence, the Tao, is
the impromptu and spontaneous utterance of Cosmic Love.
By resting in the warmth of this basic state of luminous wisdom,
we are free of suffering.
We observe that all phenomena arise and self-release,
leaving us to enjoy the bliss of this
ever present and all pervading reality.
No matter what is appearing,
all is well!

Freedom to enjoy all states
is available by taking a squirrel moment...
Byron Katie calls this 'loving what is'. Eckhart Tolle calls it 'NOW'.
Candice O'Denver has called it "a shimmering pool of pleasantness"!
She says, "Why Worry? Be Happy!"

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