Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Luminous Quality of Love

Phenomena Arising

Egrets driven by mirth and the innocence of the heart;
Free-wheeling in the greatness of the solar fireball.
Look inside your third eye and taste the color!
Wow! Ceremoniously purple.

Why can't you hear the fragrance of the cypress?
The blind take their canoes out upon the streams of luminescent raspberry.
Cattails ascend through the fog, creating a new realm.
Knowing the juicy effervescent sunset peach opens the door to dissolution.

Oscillating waves of color collapse into spheres of glowing indigo;
Just before the blades of grass erupt through the fertile soil,
They arrange themselves in the form of a Mayan blueprint.
And what is their transmission?

Bathing in the crystal aqua silkiness,
Immersed in a blanket of gardenia blossoms;
Sparkling cosmic rays of sunlight pierce the liquid dream,
And impart ancient knowledge of a civilization of star people.

Surreal cloudbursts are suspended in the typical skyscape and go unnoticed;
Except by the eccentric dreamweavers!
Inscriptions of an ancient galactic language inform the sun runners
Of the latest developments in the Divine plan for Cosmic Harmony.

For those earthlings unaware of what transpires above them,
Harmonic crystalline frequencies still radiate gentle benefit upon them;
Bequeathing all with blessings of Grace.

Sometimes it feels as if the layers of consciousness
Are weaving haphazardly through the dimensions,
Causing unrecognizable feelings and emotions.
And yet, all is saturated with squirreluminous delight!

If the baby squirrels could speak,
They would explain everything that's going on in the most precise and eloquent manner;
Alas... the One made their voices inaudible to our external ears.
Only by listening with our hearts, could we perceive their message.

They say:
"Everything you do, do with love...
Enjoy now, play now, love now...
There is no time for anything but enjoyment."

Brilliant furry squirrels bursting forth
With great incandescent lanterns of shining love...
Lighting the way to cosmic unity!
We wander through this life wholly unsuspecting of the great animal boddhisattvas
Of pure and innocent heart wisdom!

“Even after all this time, the sun never says to the earth, ‘You owe Me.’
Look what happens with a love like that, it lights the Whole Sky” — Hafiz

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