Tuesday, December 13, 2011

One Simple Change

Q. What is everywhere at once, always brings relief, and is your true identity?
A. Open intelligence!

There is a mind-shifting book I want
to tell you about. It's called
One Simple Change Makes Life Easy.
What's really great is you can download it
for free at www.greatfreedom.org
or if you prefer a hardcopy,
you can order it at Amazon!
This book is written by Candice O'Denver, founder of the Great Freedom Teachings . I can say from experience that this book will definitely put an end to your seeking!
Why is it so revolutionary?
In a nutshell, mankind has been ping ponging from one point of view to another and forgetting the "view". In One Simple Change, we are introduced to a simple practice of taking short moments until they become continuous. No matter how unpleasant the circumstances might be, one can always just take a short moment, stop thinking and let everything be as it is!
In doing this simple practice, you forget about your point of view for the moment and you embrace the total view; what Candice calls "Open Intelligence". In that moment, what is experienced is complete relief! And when one is fully committed to the practice of taking short moments, little by little one notices that the suffering is gone and that life has actually become fun! But don't take my word for it!

If you are serious about peace in your world, then I highly recommend this treasure! Listen to the first chapter now!