Monday, April 8, 2013

Doing Nothing... Being Everything!

This morning I was sitting with my squirrel, Mr.Nut, and it was so clear that he is simply always being himself.  Never a pretense, never trying to look good, never "trying" to do anything!  He just is. 

Each morning, we sit together.  When Mr.Nut is not interested in playing our RolyPoly reindeer game, he just rests.  So I pick up one of my favorite books and select a passage to contemplate.

Byron Katie's Losing The Moon is one of these gems.  Not long after her awakening/enlightenment, she had some amazing conversations with friends, sitting in the desert. These conversations were recorded and became the book, "Losing the Moon". This book, now unpublished, can be a difficult read.  However, once there has been some kind of a shift in perception, the book makes total sense.

Here's what lit up on the page today:

"It just is.  It's not my habit. It's not your habit. You tell the story of how it's your habit, or that it happened at all.  There's nothing you can do to not do what you do.  Nothing.  Until you don't.  And you didn't change it.  It changed."

I love that. 

It takes the effort out of everything... it takes the war out of everything. That's why a little squirrel is such a great teacher! They never believe that they are doing anything... they just do what they do without a thought.  
Doing is just happening on its own.

And just for fun....


Mr.Nut loves this song!