Sunday, January 6, 2013

Squirrel Grace Is Happening!

Earl Grey about 4 years ago

 It's really an amazing time to be on the planet!  Queen Earl Grey, reincarnation of the original grey squirrel that escorted the Sun across the sky on its maiden journey at the begining of time, has ascended to her rightful place in the Cosmos!

This amazing grey squirrel of Mayan royalty is working to ensure the awakening of humanity from the other side.  Earl has joined her housemate Sri BuckyJi  who left on Christmas Eve of 2011 and has prepared the way for her crossing.

What are the signs of Queen Earl's grace on the planet?  Well, on the day after she crossed over, Jan. 2nd, the Sun was at perihelion... the point closest to the Earth of the entire orbit. This means that because Earl is now guiding the Sun again, she has brought it as close to the earth as possible in order to send the Cosmic rays of Awakening into humanity.  How can we verify this?  Look around you... you will see it played out in the actions of humans.  Have you noticed more and more frequently occuring random acts of kindness and squirreluminosity?  Just today I was ordering some plastic replacement bases for some squirrel cages I have and the customer service person told me he would send them to me free of charge!  I could hardly believe my ears! Then I realized that Earl Grey was seeing to it that the squirrels in my care have the necessary supplies they need.  WOW! The Cosmic party has begun!  And yesterday, a friend of mine showed up at my front door with two big bags of pecans he picked up while on his walk!   What an awesome gift for the squirrels! Then another squirrel lover I met through a mutual friend came by for a visit.  She told me she has a huge release cage that is looking for a home.  I had just expressed a desire for another release cage in the last week!  Thank you Earl Grey for your amazing squirrel generosity!

When Earl took her last breath, she was resting on my heart. One minute she was struggling to breathe and the next minute she was at peace.  Then her little face seemed to brighten and she looked like she was smiling.  I could really feel her lightness!  She was no longer limited by her body and could now fly freely through space.  It felt as if she was shining a light on both of us.  

We are taught to believe that there is a border between life and death,  but I no longer believe this is true.  I think that everything is included in life... even death.
And if one can let go of the resistance to what's happening, then death can be a beautiful experience.  Everyone dies on time.  Everything that happens IS FOR OUR AWAKENING! 
Maybe the tears that come are just the flowing of the river of love... so much love that it overflows one's banks!
Just like Miss Ruth in the movie Fried Green Tomatoes,
Miss Earl was a lady.  Visit the last scene and listen to Sipsey's words as she gently helps Ruth on her way: 

"It's all right, honey.  Let her go.  Let her go.
You know, Miss Earl was a lady.
And a lady always knows when to leave."