Thursday, December 13, 2018

The Eyes of Love

My beloved Bonzo man
      This is my beloved Bonzo man.  Every morning he greets me with his loving gaze.  And I look into his eyes and my heart melts into a gushing pool of juicy squirrel happiness...
also known as LOVE.
And this huge LOVE is not any different than
the love that you feel for:

~ the parent you miss so much,
~ the lover you had years ago,
~ the beloved partner by your side right now,
~ your sweetest animal companion.

It's not coming from the object of your affection.
If you get still and look closely,
you will see that no matter who you love, 
that tender feeling is exactly the same.
And who is the common denominator in all these relationships?
It's YOU.  
YOU are the LOVE that you believed was coming from the numerous beings you have loved in this life. 
Love is NOT an object.  It's the ONE without a second.
LOVE = God = Tao = the What Is

That's why all the enlightened ones say the same thing: 

love is who you are without your story

And every being walking on this planet is simply a mirror of that LOVE back to you...

Every little squirrel is a sweet reminder: