Friday, December 30, 2016


Rose-Buzz, little buddha

I was sitting with my sweet Rose-Buzz this morning and she  started telling me about "squirreliberation."
(She talks to me telepathically via the InnerNut.)
Here's what she said:

Squirreliberation is the awakening of a human that results from living and interacting with a squirrel. Buzz said that the only true purpose a little squirrel has on our planet is to facilitate people waking up to the "Truth" or "What Is".
Yes, little squirrels plant trees to give us air to breathe, and that is very important!  But get this:  Mama squirrels regularly kick a baby out of the nest because that baby has a cosmic mission: to help enlighten a human being! Wow!

So when a baby squirrel comes into your life, know that it's pure Grace -- it's a Divine call to Self-Realization!

How does this work?
Well, Buzz said that humans tend to get locked up in "thought-ideas" (that are not even real) and so, lose their ability to experience true freedom. Humans easily get caught up in a story of the past or future - and mostly it's a regret or worry.  But squirrels don't pay attention to "thought-ideas".  They only pay attention to whatever is in front of them in the present moment.  They live in the "NOW".  (Just like Eckhart Tolle talks about.)

So when a human has the privilege of raising a baby squirrel to adulthood, the human gets to experience the ever-constant BLISS of that little buddha.  The human finds out that the BLISS is not a result of "doing" anything, but in fact, the BLISS is what we are!  It is simply the BLISS of "being".

So if you feel the heaviness of humanity and want to graduate to the lightness of squirreliberation, 
then take the advice of our late Mr.Nut ~

The Wisdom of SriNut