Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Letting Go

Sweet Pea and Bucky in the release cage

Today is the day I open the door of Bucky and Sweet Pea's release cage.  Today is all about letting go,  being free, allowing the freedom to be,  stepping into the unknown!

In Mooji's book, Breath of the Absolute, he says, 
"You don't realize that everything you are afraid to let go of is nothing!  It only figures big in your mind!  The apparent gap between yourself and Reality is only the distance of a concept.  If it is hurting too much to let go, then don't; instead try something softer:  Take a look at why you are holding on." If even this is too hard for you, find out who is giving up and who is holding on?

Peeking out....

Ahhhh..... what is difficult about releasing these squirrel angels?  Just thoughts...   "they're not ready"...  "they may not make a warm enough nest"...    "they won't be able to stay out of the rain"...   "they won't be able to steer clear of predators".... and on and on.
In some ways, being the mother of a squirrel is more challenging than being the mother of a human:  at least human children call to let you know they are safe and warm. Perhaps the lesson we learn from our squirrel children is the art of silent communication, otherwise known as squirrel telepathy!
To inquire within and just know when they need something;
when to hold on vs. let go;
and when they are doing just fine!
Exploring outside the cage

And surely every parent wants their child to be happy and free...  to really enjoy life and live it fully!
And to live fully as a squirrel includes ~

... the glory of resting in the uppermost branches of a tall tree
... the instinct to run from predators
... the knowledge of building a warm and weather-proof nest
... foraging for food and storing some for later
... birthing more squirrel angels onto the earth.

Let's explore again... tomorrow!

So let me answer Mooji's final question:
Who is holding on?
Who is afraid to let go?

No one!
No one is letting go of nothing.

Nothing's happening...