Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Emptiness IS the Vastness

Mr.Nut on standby to answer your questions!

Sometimes people ask me how Mr.Nut is able to answer people's questions with such accuracy and insight.  It's really pretty simple.  Mr.Nut knows he is part of everything and so he taps into the wisdom that pervades all of space.  He is just so relaxed and trusting that all answers become instantly known.  He taps in by being completely receptive.  Another way to say it is that Mr.Nut is completely empty.  And when you are empty, then you can be filled with all knowledge without even trying.

There is an awesome book called "Collisions with the Infinite" by Suzanne Segal in which she describes her experience of awakening.  At one point she feels that she is lost in nothingness… in the emptiness… and believes there is something wrong with her.  She seeks help from several therapists, all of whom are quick to put a label of dysfunction on her experience.  Finally, after many years of witnessing herself through the "eyes of dysfunction", she contacts a Buddhist teacher.  His response was, "Congratulations, Suzanne, it seems you have reached enlightenment."  Not long after this contact, she was driving up the coast of California and suddenly the realization occurred… the void was transformed into the "vastness".  And she saw that except for a thought that she was separate from the ALL,  no separation had ever been true!

The point of all this is…   to just be like a little squirrel.
They don't try to do anything. They just do what they do and that's enough.  It's us humans that are always analyzing everything and trying to figure out how it all works.  

That's why squirrels always have so much more energy than we do… they just act… they don't plan and they don't think about what they are doing.  They just act spontaneously in the moment and enjoy everything!  

It's so simple.  
That's why we need little squirrels to remind us.
And remember… 
if you have any questions
you can always ask Mr.Nut.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Live As A Little Squirrel

I am thoroughly enjoying Robert Wolfe's book, Always Only One. This gem comments on the verses of the Ashtavakra Gita, a very old Vedic teaching text that may predate the Bhagavad Gita and the Buddha. To read the Ashtavakra Gita, is to be reminded of the world of a little squirrel!  I love that they are all little teachers of how to transcend duality! Can you see the squirrel wisdom in the following verses??

     "The liberated one rests in the Self under all conditions; is the same everywhere; does not reflect on what he "has" or "has not" done.

     His nature is free from conditions: acting as he pleases, the wise one is not affected by "honor" of "dishonor." He moves about at his own pleasure, and can only be understood by those Self-realized like him.  Only those like him understand his liberated state.

     Realizing the Self in all-- and all in the Self-- and free from egoism, and the sense of "mine,"  he is happy.

     The man of Knowledge (squirrel) lives happily on whatever subsistence comes as a matter of course.  Where is even fear,  for him who abides in Self?"

     Praised, he does not feel pleased; and blamed, he does not get annoyed:  he neither rejoices in life, nor fears death.

     For me, who am reposing in Self, there is no need of talking about the "end of life."  Reposing on the foundaton of his own Being... he cares not whether his body dies.  He is not perturbed at the sight of approaching death.  Let the body go, even today:  where is there any increase or decrease in You?

     This knowledge of the Truth is shunned by those who want to enjoy the "world." 

Little squirrels know.
In spiritual literature, the terms 
Tao, God, Love, Brahman, Great Mystery, 
The Way, All That Is, are names for the ultimate reality.
  I prefer to use the term Squirreluminosity or Squirrel Light. 
See if you agree with my choice as you 
read the next verse from 
the Ashtavakra:

"As the same all-pervading air is inside and outside a jar, even so the Eternal all pervasive exists in all things-- It in all, and all in It.  The universe is permeated by It through and through.  It exists inside and ouside this body.  The universe, emanating from It, is not different from it and this universe, which has emanated from it, will dissolve into It."

Mr.Nut... my teacher!



Monday, June 10, 2013

Squirrelikalpa Samadhi

Mr.Nut in Pure Bliss

No doubt you have probably heard of the term "Nirvikalpa Samadhi".  This is a state of absorption without self-consciousness to the degree that the knower, the act of knowing, and the object known becomes dissolved...  just like the waves in the ocean.  The difference between this and the other 'samadhis' is that there is no return from this samadhi into lower states of consciousness. Therefore this was understood to be the true final enlightenment....
until now, in 2013, we have the great fortune

 to be witness to:

Squirrelikalpa Samadhi ...
 the highest transcendent state of consciousness. In this state there is no longer the experience of duality. In this state the being perceives the Divine in everything.  There is no difference between inside and outside, between others and self anymore. It may even manifest as a suspension of biological activities, such that even the breath and the heartbeat stops.  There is absolute stillness and yet, a luminous vitality prevails, such that by a simple glance or touch, one is completely transformed.  This energy transfer is also known as squirrel deeksha and is freely given to all that are willing to receive it!  

Until just recently, it was widely believed that squirrels were solely on earth to plant trees and so provide us with the oxygen we require to breathe.  Although necessary, this is only a tiny part of their sacred contract.  The real mission  of a little squirrel is to connect to a human in such a way that their heart is permanently and irrevocably opened to compassion.  The little squirrels are in various states of consciousness.  Every now and then you may run across a squirrel in this very highest state and you may think that there is something wrong with him.  He is not moving and his gaze is steady.   Do not be alarmed!  Instead, thank your lucky stars, for he is resting in perfect stillness and is in total communion with the Cosmos!  

And you are graced to be in his Presence! 

Pure Bliss via Mr.Nut's  gaze

And so, in these transitional times, the little squirrels are arriving in massive fleets to assist our evolution into the new paradigm of PEACE!  All over the globe, baby squirrels are literally falling into the arms and hearts of people and waking them up to their true nature ~  
the Lovingkindness of the ONE SQUIRREL HEART!

What a perfect and simple plan!  
Just be like a little child and receive... 

Monday, April 8, 2013

Doing Nothing... Being Everything!

This morning I was sitting with my squirrel, Mr.Nut, and it was so clear that he is simply always being himself.  Never a pretense, never trying to look good, never "trying" to do anything!  He just is. 

Each morning, we sit together.  When Mr.Nut is not interested in playing our RolyPoly reindeer game, he just rests.  So I pick up one of my favorite books and select a passage to contemplate.

Byron Katie's Losing The Moon is one of these gems.  Not long after her awakening/enlightenment, she had some amazing conversations with friends, sitting in the desert. These conversations were recorded and became the book, "Losing the Moon". This book, now unpublished, can be a difficult read.  However, once there has been some kind of a shift in perception, the book makes total sense.

Here's what lit up on the page today:

"It just is.  It's not my habit. It's not your habit. You tell the story of how it's your habit, or that it happened at all.  There's nothing you can do to not do what you do.  Nothing.  Until you don't.  And you didn't change it.  It changed."

I love that. 

It takes the effort out of everything... it takes the war out of everything. That's why a little squirrel is such a great teacher! They never believe that they are doing anything... they just do what they do without a thought.  
Doing is just happening on its own.

And just for fun....


Mr.Nut loves this song!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Squirrel Grace Is Happening!

Earl Grey about 4 years ago

 It's really an amazing time to be on the planet!  Queen Earl Grey, reincarnation of the original grey squirrel that escorted the Sun across the sky on its maiden journey at the begining of time, has ascended to her rightful place in the Cosmos!

This amazing grey squirrel of Mayan royalty is working to ensure the awakening of humanity from the other side.  Earl has joined her housemate Sri BuckyJi  who left on Christmas Eve of 2011 and has prepared the way for her crossing.

What are the signs of Queen Earl's grace on the planet?  Well, on the day after she crossed over, Jan. 2nd, the Sun was at perihelion... the point closest to the Earth of the entire orbit. This means that because Earl is now guiding the Sun again, she has brought it as close to the earth as possible in order to send the Cosmic rays of Awakening into humanity.  How can we verify this?  Look around you... you will see it played out in the actions of humans.  Have you noticed more and more frequently occuring random acts of kindness and squirreluminosity?  Just today I was ordering some plastic replacement bases for some squirrel cages I have and the customer service person told me he would send them to me free of charge!  I could hardly believe my ears! Then I realized that Earl Grey was seeing to it that the squirrels in my care have the necessary supplies they need.  WOW! The Cosmic party has begun!  And yesterday, a friend of mine showed up at my front door with two big bags of pecans he picked up while on his walk!   What an awesome gift for the squirrels! Then another squirrel lover I met through a mutual friend came by for a visit.  She told me she has a huge release cage that is looking for a home.  I had just expressed a desire for another release cage in the last week!  Thank you Earl Grey for your amazing squirrel generosity!

When Earl took her last breath, she was resting on my heart. One minute she was struggling to breathe and the next minute she was at peace.  Then her little face seemed to brighten and she looked like she was smiling.  I could really feel her lightness!  She was no longer limited by her body and could now fly freely through space.  It felt as if she was shining a light on both of us.  

We are taught to believe that there is a border between life and death,  but I no longer believe this is true.  I think that everything is included in life... even death.
And if one can let go of the resistance to what's happening, then death can be a beautiful experience.  Everyone dies on time.  Everything that happens IS FOR OUR AWAKENING! 
Maybe the tears that come are just the flowing of the river of love... so much love that it overflows one's banks!
Just like Miss Ruth in the movie Fried Green Tomatoes,
Miss Earl was a lady.  Visit the last scene and listen to Sipsey's words as she gently helps Ruth on her way: 

"It's all right, honey.  Let her go.  Let her go.
You know, Miss Earl was a lady.
And a lady always knows when to leave."