Sunday, January 11, 2015

Traveling the Higher Dimensions

Where do squirrels go when they meditate?  You know 
when you look in their eyes and they are looking straight 
at you, but seem to be "somewhere else"?  
Are they awake? What's going on?

Mr.Nut in meditation

Mr.Nut tells me that he does a lot of work on the higher dimensions. He will lay in front of my altar and stare at the lit candles... and then he just seems to go somewhere else. He tells me that he is traveling through the ethers, balancing the energies on our earth. Commander Nut works with the angels, ascended masters, ET's and other light beings to assist with the transformation of consciousness that is occurring on our planet!  He wants you to know that whenever you feel suddenly sleepy, that you should stop and rest because you are being asked to participate in this shift.  When you are asleep, your higher self can assist these Galactic beings of light unencumbered! So please do allow yourself to take a "time out'. 
Commander Nut on a mission

Mr.Nut says that during the day we humans get involved in many tasks that really have nothing to do with supporting our true essence.  In this life, Mr.Nut has decided that he would not be involved in the mundane squirrel tasks of nut-burying.  He has committed this life to work on the higher dimensions to help human beings grasp their true essence which is pure COMPASSION.

He encourages us to meditate and do some self
inquiry.  He asks you to ask the questions: "Who am
I without my thoughts?"  and "Who is this one that is 
aware?"   And then just stop and listen. Don't give 
these questions to your mind.... let them rest in your
heart and let the heart answer in its own time.
And then you will see your magnificence!