Monday, June 10, 2013

Squirrelikalpa Samadhi

Mr.Nut in Pure Bliss

No doubt you have probably heard of the term "Nirvikalpa Samadhi".  This is a state of absorption without self-consciousness to the degree that the knower, the act of knowing, and the object known becomes dissolved...  just like the waves in the ocean.  The difference between this and the other 'samadhis' is that there is no return from this samadhi into lower states of consciousness. Therefore this was understood to be the true final enlightenment....
until now, in 2013, we have the great fortune

 to be witness to:

Squirrelikalpa Samadhi ...
 the highest transcendent state of consciousness. In this state there is no longer the experience of duality. In this state the being perceives the Divine in everything.  There is no difference between inside and outside, between others and self anymore. It may even manifest as a suspension of biological activities, such that even the breath and the heartbeat stops.  There is absolute stillness and yet, a luminous vitality prevails, such that by a simple glance or touch, one is completely transformed.  This energy transfer is also known as squirrel deeksha and is freely given to all that are willing to receive it!  

Until just recently, it was widely believed that squirrels were solely on earth to plant trees and so provide us with the oxygen we require to breathe.  Although necessary, this is only a tiny part of their sacred contract.  The real mission  of a little squirrel is to connect to a human in such a way that their heart is permanently and irrevocably opened to compassion.  The little squirrels are in various states of consciousness.  Every now and then you may run across a squirrel in this very highest state and you may think that there is something wrong with him.  He is not moving and his gaze is steady.   Do not be alarmed!  Instead, thank your lucky stars, for he is resting in perfect stillness and is in total communion with the Cosmos!  

And you are graced to be in his Presence! 

Pure Bliss via Mr.Nut's  gaze

And so, in these transitional times, the little squirrels are arriving in massive fleets to assist our evolution into the new paradigm of PEACE!  All over the globe, baby squirrels are literally falling into the arms and hearts of people and waking them up to their true nature ~  
the Lovingkindness of the ONE SQUIRREL HEART!

What a perfect and simple plan!  
Just be like a little child and receive...