Monday, May 5, 2014

The Heart of a Gentle Squirrel

Sweet Mr.Nut

The most amazing thing about Mr.Nut is his gentle demeanor.   He is very different from other squirrels I've rehabbed over the years. He has a serene contentment about him that infuses everyone that comes to visit him. He is certainly a very sweet old soul.

Mr.Nut enjoys watching Mooji videos with me. He becomes very intent and soaks in his Presence.  Mr.Nut practices Mooji's pointing and no matter what chaos occurs around him, Mr.Nut "keeps quiet". 

Watching Mooji on YouTube

This morning I visited with Mr.Nut while he was in  his outdoor enclosure.  He likes to listen to the birds and talk to the outside squirrels that come to visit him.  No matter what time of day or night, you will find Mr.Nut demonstrating pure contentment and happiness. 

Someone asked Mr.Nut...
"I want happiness."
Mr.Nut said:
"First remove "I" that's ego.
Then remove "want" that's desire.
See now you are left with only

And that is why you never see an unhappy squirrel!