Sunday, December 27, 2015

Every Squirrel is a Miracle

Commander Nut of the Galactic Federation

Have you ever contemplated what a miracle it is to receive an orphaned baby squirrel?  Every step of the way...from the moment a person finds the baby, contacts people to find out what to do, all the way to the time a rehabber receives the little one and ends up being the "squirrel-mom"?  It's truly an amazing chain of events to be a part of.

Loving baby Pucy Pie

Every step of the way is Grace... and it's happening all the time!  WOW!  And those little squirrels, so innocent and sweet, are just bundles of pure LOVE. To be gifted with one of these is a huge blessing!

But do we always recognize our blessings?  Just in our daily routine... do we actually take in the preciousness of each moment?  If we did, we would be walking around in a state of even constant Gratitude! Another name for this is Awakening! I believe that the little squirrels come into peoples' lives to "wake them up"! They teach us that there is nothing but LOVE... and even more than that! They show us that we ARE the love that we are looking for!

Listen to this song and feel how it feels to be awake to that truth...   that all is LOVE!

And here is another version done by the Troubadours of Divine Bliss... so so beautiful!  And I love that they included a squirrel in this video!  
YES! Everything is HOLY!