Thursday, January 19, 2012

Primordial Squirrel Wisdom

Wisdom from the spaciousness of squirrelove
is beyond the ability of human beings
to understand it. It is naturally free and perfectly aware
and spontaneously arises in the here and now.
This wisdom-love is unknowable and ungraspable.
It is not a thing and cannot be made into anything.
To love is to rest in the spaciousness
of the profound wisdom in squirrel silence.
No words can describe this experience...
and any attempt at description
would only serve to lessen its potency.
Surrender is the only portal into this luscious wonderment.
Let me fall into this spacious squirrelwisdom
and wake up in my own loving arms.

A 21st century American alteration of the famous 16th century German woodcut
showing the innocent squirrel relaxing contentedly
in the wisdom-love of spaciousness.
~ by Squirrelady

Thursday, January 12, 2012


I thought I had to be running to find it.
Now I sit still and I find it.
I thought I had to be "in love" to feel it.
But even with no one, I still feel it.
I thought I had to be with the squirrels to be it.
Yet, even without my squirrel companion, I am it.
There is nothing I can do or be to find it
For it is always here.
I can only miss it when I distract myself with
I tell myself that I have lost it
And then believe this lie!
How can I miss what is so obvious and infuses
No wonder I get tired at the end of the day...
It is tiresome to fight.
Fighting what is, IS the only war.
Let me put down my "arms" and rest.
I fall into the arms of LOVE!