Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Just Rest

Remember the Nike slogan "JUST DO IT"?
What about the opposite... "JUST REST" ?

In the Dzogchen teachings of Longchenpa, listen to the amazing
soothing quality of this quote from "Old Man Basking in the Sun":

Just resting here, there is constant spontaneity;
just resting naturally, no one contrives anything;
unseeking, staying just as we are,
nonaction is revealed as supreme activity;
and realizing that, we abandon deliberate acts,
doing nothing, we stay with the zing of reality!
Whoever rests in things just as they are
attains infallible uncontrived perfection.
What is real is our unerring, uncontrived nature
and reality is its infallible essence:
there is no 'buddhahood', only reality just as it is.

Just like after completing some exertion...
like potting a plant,
going for a walk,
doing the laundry;
I feel the soothing, palpable experience of doing nothing.

just sitting...

thoughts or not...

like a warm blanket on a cold night~

the luxuriant feeling of perfect well-being...

This spaciousness is always available!


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Simply a Misunderstanding!

All that has happened is a misperception of reality.
We have taken ourselves to be very small.
We are not the points of view we have attached to...
we are the space that includes all points of view!

Good news! A shift in perception is available in every moment!
Just stop, take a moment and rest... don't think.
In that moment, you are that which you are seeking.
Peace is here now; it just needs to recognize itself!

Listen below, as Candice O'Denver
discusses what it takes to have
a peaceful planet:

Basic Awareness Part 1 - 9.16.09 from Balanced View Candice on Vimeo.

Listen to this free download of

Candice's new book:

World Peace ~Yes We Can!

Monday, September 12, 2011

All Hail to the Harmony of Mind and Nature

"Timeless spontaneity,
forever present, is created by no one;
it is the pure mind that like a wish-fulfilling gem
is the origin of all samsara and nirvana.

Every experience, whatever it may be,
is the uncontrived triad of essence, nature and compassion,
the display of pure being, enjoyment and magical emanation;
since samsara and nirvana are the three-dimensional matrix of pure mind,
spontaneously perfect in uncontrived hyper-sameness,
samsara is not to be rejected here, nor nirvana attained.
All evaluation silenced, we abide at the heart of reality
where every experience is pure mind,
and timeless spontaneity is disclosed as the key.

Homage to the sole nature of mind, the seed of all and everything,
to the mind that creates the sense of existence and release from it,
to the mind that fulfills all our desires like a wish-fulfilling gem!"

~various excepts from Longchempa's Treasury of Natural Perfection

"All hail to the harmony of mind and nature"
A Yum Hunab Ku, Evam Maya E Ma Ho
A Yum Hunab Ku, Evam Maya E Ma Ho
A Yum Hunab Ku, Evam Maya E Ma Ho
~Mayan mantra~

Innumerable aeons ago
some ati-yogins with good fortune and karmic connection,
with faith in me, the supreme source, and in my total presence,
perceived that there was no view to cultivate, no commitment to keep,
no ideal conduct to strive in, no path to tread,
no climbing spiritual levels, no karmic cause and effect,
no duality of ultimate and relative truth,
and nothing to cultivate in meditation,
and seeing that there was no mind to develop and no remedy
they saw the nature of my mind:
this revelation is necessary for those like them!

~from Longchempa's Treasury of Natural Perfection

Luminous Being Shining Through

No matter what phenomena arise...
the pleasantness of visiting a friend,
the sting of fire ants biting my foot,
being in a hurry while standing in a long line at the store,
feeding pecans to the squirrels at the trail,
or enjoying a good book;
the luminosity of the basic state
shines through every experience.
The same Grace is present
regardless of the circumstances!

I am pure mind, the supreme source:
realize my nature
and all events that occur, whatever they may be,
shall be revealed as nothing other than me.

~ Old Man Basking in the Sun: Longchenpa's Treasury of Natural Perfection

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cosmic Squirrel Man

First there was MAN.

Then there was COSMIC MAN:




ordinary MIND.

Now there is... COSMIC SQUIRREL MAN!




extraordinary MIND!

Rest in the mind of squirrelkind. It's your true nature! Gazing into the eyes of a little squirrel, I find myself. How funny... no one is there!

Just love

Check out the wonderful mahamudra meditation to clarify your mind:

Monday, September 5, 2011

Nothing is Missing

Have you ever noticed that what you have IS what you want?
This may take a little contemplation. Just notice. Where the stress comes in is in our story that we want something different or better than what we have. But just let yourself take in exactly what you have... how awesome is that? For example, take the video below. How often do you get to watch a squirrel performing in the middle of a soccer field?

Everytime we look for something other than what is present, we miss the abundance that is ours right here, right now! Check it out for yourself. There is absolutely nothing missing in this moment. So if you're looking for enlightenment... guess what? Where could it be except right where you are? Only in attaching to a belief that says you're not enlightened can you miss your true self: enlightened awareness!

So just stop and rest. Nothing is missing. Rest in the love that you are!