Monday, April 16, 2012

Being Nothing... You Are Everything

Have you noticed how abundant the sources of nondual writings, satsangs, books, videos, etc.
that are available today?
Here are a few gems I found...

You live among illusions and in the world of apparitions.

But there is a reality.  You yourself are this reality,
but you don't know this.  

If you awaken to this reality you will see
that you are nothing
and being nothing you are everything.

-Kalu Rinpoche

This is exactly what my baby squirrel has been
 trying to show me all along!

Love is Not Two

When someone we love dies, leaves, moves out of our physical sphere....  we feel a lot of emotion.  Some call it sadness, heartache, grief, depression.
But what if...   it's just love? 
Another flavor of the One?   
Love can't be divided up into parts.
Love is one with everything.
Love includes all circumstances, emotions,
 feelings, and thoughts.
There is nothing that is not love.
Love is what holds the cosmos together.

If you've never seen the movie Griffin and Phoenix, 
I totally recommend seeing this love story.
It is a brilliant example of a couple's realization that love includes everything... 
even death.


 For a person who has realized this,
 all the labeling drops away and 
all that's left is love....  
it's all love and it's always been all love.
The only difference is now there's no more attempts to separate something out of the One and compare it, resist it or manipulate it. There's no doer to do any of that! That's why the awakened ones are so radiant! There's just no longer anyone to stop 
all that love shining through!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Not Two

If one could just remember the words, "Not two!"
in the midst of any unpleasant experience,
one could be saved from a lot of confusion and unnecessary struggle.

"Not two" is the meaning of the term 'nondual'.  It means that everything is part of the One... it's all part of the whole.  And to separate something out and label it as bad or something we must get rid of is the path of suffering!

Like Byron Katie says... "when you argue with reality, you lose, but only 100% of the time!"  

Think about it... if it's all part of the One, then you really couldn't get rid of anything because where would you put it? Anything outside of the One is still the One!  

Now if we substitute the term "God" for the One, we would see that God is everything and there is nothing that is not God! Wow! That puts a new spin on things!

No matter what happens, it is all part of God!  That means that there is nothing that is not good!  What we have is nonduality!

It's a great time to be on the planet because people are waking up to this realization all over the globe! It's 2012 and it's time everyone woke up from the dream of duality!  It started back in the garden of Eden when Adam and Eve started to view paradise in terms of good and evil!  And we've had war ever since! Let's get on with it! Just a shift in perception to see that without the filter of duality, we are all as we are.... perfect.