Thursday, November 8, 2012

Nothing to Worry About

Sweet Pea at the edge of the unknown!

What can be said about the unknown?  Squirrels face it when they leave their cozy nest. People face it when a job ends or a loved one dies.  And everyone faces it when the body dies. Of course one doesn't have to die to go there. 

Isn't it what we all face upon awakening?

 Then what is the discomfort about really? Is it just the fear of the unfamiliar? Or is it the fear of disappearing into nothing?  What if dissolving into nothing is the only way we can fully experience total bliss? Perhaps it is as exciting as being able to travel unencumbered, millions of miles through space, just witnessing the expanse of what we truly are!  That sounds pretty good to me...

A woman posted this today on Facebook: a conversation between Byron Katie and a friend:

Friend:  Everything I know can be summarized in this one sentence: 'God alone is the doer'.
Katie: Well, leave out 'the doer'.  It's more true.
Leave out 'alone', it's more true.
Leave out 'God', it's more true.
Leave out 'is' and you really have the truth.

LIsten to MIndy Smith's beautiful description of this exquisite 'falling' into the safety of LOVE~