Monday, July 6, 2015

Squirrel Gazing Meditation

Muffinheart demonstrates "Gazing Meditation"

One of the most powerful practices I have found to facilitate an experience of Cosmic Love was taught to me by my little squirrel buddy, Muffinheart.  He is a Master of this particular sadhana and teaches it in three very simple steps.

1. Put aside all other distractions and just be present with your squirrel.

2. Now just relax and gaze into her/his eyes as s/he gazes into yours.  Remember that you are relating from "emptiness to emptiness".

3. Continue just being empty and gazing in a relaxed manner. Suddenly you will notice that the emptiness is completely filled with Squirrelove! So simple!


Wisdom quote of Sri Nut Ji

Muffin explained to me that when you are gazing at your squirrel, the truth is that there is actually nobody gazing.  Pure consciousness is looking through your eyes and it's looking through your squirrel's eyes.  Consciousness is looking through everyone's eyes at itself!  WOW!  So what happens is that since the entire Cosmos is completely permeated with juicy squirrel happiness (a.k.a. Cosmic Love), and nature abhors a vacuum, then immediately comes the experience of Cosmic Love!  
There is no 'where' that it is NOT!  
And there is no 'one' that is not included!
Well, of course!
Every squirrel knows this!

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